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Buckwheat Groat Bread

Confession number 1,345. My husband has been making one of the most nutritious and delicious breads for almost three years at the FW . . . this week was the first time I had a whole piece of this toasted slice of happiness. One ingredient, naturally gluten free, super fermented organic buckwheat groat bread. How did I let myself miss out for so long? As a long time vegetarian I just recently realized on a daily basis I was only getting one (eggs) oh-so-essential complete protein delivering all 9 essential amino acids your body finds essential. Guess what? Buckwheat is a plant based complete protein! Stop by for a loaf or we are soooo happy to share the super simple recipe!


2 cups buckwheat groats

Water to 1" over groats

Soak overnight. Drain but leave some liquid. Add to food processor.


1/4 tsp salt

1 cup water

Food process 10-15 seconds. Ferment on counter overnight.

Bake at 425 F for 50 minutes or until loaf is loose in pan.


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