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MEET the owners

FoodWorks Livingston is locally owned and operated by community-minded folks, with roots and history both in Montana and in the grocery world.


Lynette grew up in Deer Lodge, Montana with a mother and father who managed to feed 10 children on a phosphate miner’s paycheck. Don grew up in Cottonwood, Minnesota, learning a passion for the small town grocery store business from his parents.


We are who we are because we were raised by people who valued family meals. We want to be the place where you come to feed your family and build healthful family habits and delicious memories.


OUR mission

We know families and communities who cook at home tend to be healthier both physically and financially. While we love being your “back up” cooks in the deli, our primary goal is to give you nutritious, affordable, ethnically diverse ingredients to let your cooking skills shine, no matter your skill level.


We strive to help guide and empower our customers in order to create a healthy, active, and thriving future for our community. It's important to us to learn about your needs and preferences, so we encourage all of our customers to share your thoughts and product requests with us on a regular basis. 

We also prioritize working with small local farms, ranchers, and vendors to ensure quality, freshness, and support our local economy and food systems.

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